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Sunscreens for oily acne-prone skin
Ideal for Sensitive skin.
Water Resistant.
Paraben Free.


Mattshield Sebum Control Sunscreen is the best-known sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin. It offers a Broad Spectrum Protection of SPF 40 PA +++. The non-greasy texture of this broad-spectrum sunscreen is friendly toward oily/ combination-prone skin. Moreover, the skin-friendly actives within Mattshield Sunscreen label it as hypoallergenic. Its mattifying formula comprises unique UV Rays Protectors within sebum control gel cream.

Mattshield broad-spectrum sunscreen is a chemical-based sunscreen that does not adhere to the skin or deflect sun rays. Instead, it includes potent compounds that absorb UV rays before your skin can take them in. Mattshield Sunscreen SPF 40 effectively protects against harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. This matte sunscreen for the face prevents excessive oil production and skin aging due to sun exposure. The non-greasy formula of Mattshield broad-spectrum sunscreen hydrates the skin while leaving behind a matte finish.

Mattshield sunscreens for oily acne-prone skin don’t leave the white cast on the skin and tend to apply easily without feeling greasy or sticky. Since this broad-spectrum sunscreen does not leave a noticeable film layer on the skin, it is simpler to wear on various skin tones. Moreover, Mattshield Sebum Control Sunscreen shields skin by preventing the darkening and worsening of darkened, pigmented skin and prevents early aging, making it the best sunscreen for the face and body.

Mattshield sunscreens for oily acne-prone skin offer oil control and a non-greasy texture.
Broad-spectrum sunscreen protects skin from sunburns. Also, prevent skin darkening and dark spot formation.
PA+++ protects against UVA Rays. Also, prevent the skin from premature aging and wrinkles formation.
Matte sunscreen for the face is recommended for daily use and is applicable before cosmetics.
Tinosorb S is an organic oil-based broad-spectrum sunscreen that expertly protects against UVA and UVB rays. The minimal quantities of Tinosorb-S make this broad-spectrum UV filter perform excellently. The skin does not absorb Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine very well.

For this reason, it scarcely irritates the skin making Mattshield sunscreen hypoallergenic and acceptable as sunscreens for oily acne-prone skin. Tinosorb-S makes Mattshiled the best sunscreen for the face and body and promises to deliver broad-spectrum protection with excellent photostability that lasts longer.

Mattshield broad-spectrum sunscreen enlists DHHBA, a chemical sunscreen of a new generation with good UVA protection and photostability. On its application, DHHB mostly gets retained on the top skin layer, while very little of it absorbs, making Mattshield sunscreen hypoallergenic. Additionally, DHHB sunscreen doesn’t cause the skin to get oily, which makes Mattshiled one of the best-suited sunscreens for oily acne-prone skin.

DHHB limits excessive UV light exposure that helps to prevent both acute and long-term photodamage to the skin. The extremely photostable property of DHHB enables strong UVA protection. Since DHHB sunscreen offers excellent free radical protection, it is perfect for long-lasting sun care and preventing skin aging. Even though DHHB cannot block UVB rays, when combined with Octinoxtae UVB sunscreen, DHHB increases its SPF value making Mattshield more effective.

Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, also known as Octinoxate or Octyl Methoxycinnamate, is one of the most widely used chemical sunscreens. It is a transparent, oil-soluble broad-spectrum sunscreen that functions as a UV filter and shields the skin from UVB radiation. Like other photoprotective compounds, Octinoxate boosts the skin’s tolerance to UVB radiation. This broad-spectrum sunscreen also prevents the aging of skin cells, skin cancer, and sunburn.

Even with building up Mattshield sunscreen onto the topmost skin layer, it does not cause the skin to become oily or overproduce sebum. Such sebum control property of Octinoxate makes Mattshield highly suitable as the sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin.

Ocinoxate synergistically with DHHB and Tinosorb-S sunscreens offers photoprotection against UVA and UVB rays. It makes Mattshield an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides consistent, all-around sun protection.

Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not stay too long in the direct sun even after using Mattshield broad-spectrum sunscreen.
Store in a cool and dry place (below 30°C)
Place it away from direct sunlight.


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