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Lcd Laser Plasma Pen

9 Level Lcd Laser Plasma Pen for Face Skin Beauty, Dark Spot Remover Mole Tattoo Removal Machine Facial Freckle Tag Wart Removal Beauty Tool.


1. Adopting ionized carbonization technology, our mole removal pen can accurately control the current, quickly dilute the melanin, and restore your flawless skin without hurting the skin, bleeding, and side effects.

2. Unlike the traditional method of removing moles with drugs, this mole spotting pen uses physical spotting methods to safely and quickly get rid of moles, warts, granulation, freckles, age spots, tattoos, fat particles, etc.

3. Nine levels of adjustable scanning spot power output aimed at different spots and moles, which are practical and reliable, and have a wider application range.

4. The needle with light design and LCD screen makes the operation easier and more convenient, suitable for beauty salons, plastic surgery hospitals, and home use.

5. Power is supplied through the USB port, and mobile phone adapters, computer USB sockets, and s can all be powered.

6. Our beauty pen is compact, lightweight, and portable, so you can use it during business trips or travel.


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