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Aloe vera has been traditionally used to treat skin injuries (bums, cuts, insect bites, and eczemas) and digestive problems because its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and wound-healing properties.


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We believe in healing through a holistic approach using the natural resources that the Earth provides us with. This amazing gel is developed by focusing on using finest and premium quality ingredients in the formulation. At the present time, we offers a collection of nature-inspired beauty and personal care products for natural health and wellness. Additionally, products using hi-tech ingredients provide advanced skincare backed by science. Our Products are 100% Cruelty Free: We do not harm any animals in the process of creating our products. Uses of 99 % Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Gel 1. This gel can be used as a makeup base. If the gel is applied as a primer before putting on makeup, it can help the make up to stay perfect for a long time. 2. To treat sunburns, a small quantity of the gel can be applied on the skin as a mask. This mask can be removed after 15 minutes to get effective results. The redness of the skin vanishes and the skin regains it suppleness. 3. There is no need to buy special hair serum as the aloe vera gel from Rivona Naturals acts as a wonderful hair styling substance. It can be applied on the hair directly before straightening or curling to maintain the hairstyle for a longer time and to get sleek and shiny hair instantly. This gel does not make the hair sticky. 4. In order to keep the nails healthy, the aloe vera gel should be applied regularly on the nails with the help of a nail paint brush. 5. This 99% soothing gel works wonders for swollen or puffy eyes. An eye mask can be created by putting some gel on a piece of cotton and applying it on the eyes. This cool gel reduces the swelling in a matter of a few minutes and also treats the dark circles. 6. To make a face mask or moisturizing cream, the gel can be mixed with oil and applied on the face. This mask can be removed after a few minutes to get moisturized skin.


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