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Washam Pharma
is a leading retailer of high-quality skin aesthetic products that help customers achieve their desired skin goals. With a passion for delivering top-notch skincare solutions, we offer a wide range of products that cater to various skin types and concerns. At our company, we believe that everyone deserves to look beautiful.


Sardar Ishtiaq Hussain is a renowned Civil Engineer and has remarkable achievements in the field of engineering.

After successful completion of Civil engineering, he started his career in the same domain.
He has been working as a Civil engineer and contractor in Saudi Arabia since the end of his last job in Pakistan.

Being a philanthropist and close to his society, he decided to start social work. Later after recognition of his efforts in the development of 3dlifestyle Center as a partner, he established a pharma business. The efforts were not discontinued and he introduced a new concept of aesthetic’s related pharmacy and products. Since that time he has had many achievements in procuring quality products in Pakistan.

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Admin Manager

Sana Shabbir is an Admin Manager and dynamic professional with a strong background in Biotechnology, holding a Bachelor of Science (BS) Hons in Biotechnology.

With her two years of valuable management experience, she excels in leading teams and driving successful projects. Sana’s passion for scientific advancements fuels her curiosity and commitment to making a positive impact.

During her time in management, Sana honed her leadership skills, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. Her approachable nature and effective communication style have enabled her to build strong relationships with her team and stakeholders.

Her combination of technical expertise and leadership skills makes her a valuable asset in both research and managerial roles. Sana’s dedication to continuous learning and staying abreast of industry trends sets her apart as a forward-thinking professional.

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Our Slogan

At Washam, we believe that investing in your skin is an investment in your overall well-being. Let us help you achieve the skin of your dreams with our high-quality and effective skincare products.


Combining science and art to enhance well-being and beauty.


Prioritize safety for healthier lives and confident smiles...

Personal Attention

Elevating beauty through personalized care and unwavering dedication.


First choice in enhancing beauty and boosting confidence.